Tibshelf School Enrichment Fund – what is it all about?

As you may already know from reports in the press and on television, the financial pressure on schools is currently severe. It is highly unlikely that things will get easier and so it is felt that we should try a variety of different approaches in order to maintain the exceptional opportunities that Tibshelf have always been very proud to offer our pupils. As a Local Authority school we are committed to the basic provision of education from Government funding and despite increasing budget pressures we would still like to maintain the wide variety of enrichment activities we currently offer, which enhances the curriculum subjects we deliver in school.

We would like the ‘Tibshelf Experience’ to be available to everyone; for our pupils to enjoy these additional activities that contribute to our young people becoming rounded individuals with a broad experience of life, and maximising their potential during their time with us. One way of achieving our goal is by subsiding this aspect of school life from the Enrichment Fund. This fund will sit completely independently of the main school budget provided by Derbyshire County Council, and will enable us to raise and account for self -generated funds.

If we can raise the profile our Enrichment Fund to make it a vibrant and well supported funding source we could even consider extending the range of ‘in-school’ projects we are currently able to offer.

Examples of what your money could support:

Annual end of year production – our flagship drama presentation involving the whole school community and a proud tradition of Tibshelf School

Christmas Pantomime – a hugely popular event in the school calendar with pupils and staff alike

Prize Presentation Evening – an event which recognises and rewards achievement and excellence

KS4 Residential Week – a hugely beneficial week at the start of life in KS4 which helps to develop and bond relationships and highlight the importance of working hard together

Subsidies to a whole range of school residentials/trips and purchases across all year groups

How you can help

We do understand that not everyone is able to contribute – and we are very grateful for all donations, at whatever level. If you are able to and would like to make a donation to sustain the broad life of the school you can do so by:

Making a donation using our secure, online payment system ‘ParentPay’. You can either add a donation when paying for another item or simply choose the donation option at any time

With your help we can preserve and improve on what we have "THANK YOU"