Tibshelf Community School places an important emphasis on the travel of its pupils to and from school.  Healthy initiatives such as walking and cycling to school are widely promoted.  However, for those pupils who choose to travel by bus to and from school, below is some information about the various routes that operate.

With effect from 1 September 2016 all bus fares on both the Derbyshire County Council and Privately Contracted Buses will be £1 each way.  The Shirland Bus Club bus does not accept cash fares and passes can only obtained by setting up a monthly standing order directly with the school on an annual basis.

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Alternative Parking Suggestions

See below for some suggestions for where to meet students after school.

 There is public parking at the following locations:

Cemetery on Doe Hill Lane;

adjacent Town End school (although this will be busy at 3pm);

top of back lane and Brook Street.


Skills/McEwens (140) – Derbyshire County Council Contracted Bus – DCC Bus Pass Holders get priority

Hilcote                                                     8:04am

Blackwell Hotel                                         8:10am

Tibshelf Community School                        8:20am       Returns at 3:10pm

Linburg Coaches (420) – Derbyshire County Council Contracted Bus – DCC Bus Pass Holders ONLY

Heath, Main Road                                     7:50am

Holmewood, Heath Road                           7:56am

North Wingfield, Williamthorpe Road          7:59am

Pilsley, Primary School                              8:08am

Tibshelf Community School                       8:20am       Returns at 3:10pm

DW Coaches (420) – Privately Contracted Bus – Fare Payers ONLY, No DCC Bus Pass Holders Permitted

Heath, Main Road                                    7:50am

Holmewood, Heath Road                          7:56am

North Wingfield, Williamthorpe Road         7:59am

Pilsley, Primary School                             8:08am

Tibshelf Community School                       8:20am       Returns at 3:10pm

Skills/McEwens (424) – Shirland Bus Club Bus Pass Holders ONLY, No Fare Payers

Higham                                                   7:40am

Stonebroom                                            7:42am

Morton                                                    7:45am

Shirland                                                  7:50am

This bus then turns into the 422 below    

Skills/McEwens (422) - Derbyshire County Council Contracted Bus – DCC Bus Pass Holders get priority

Westhouses                                            8:05am

Newton Green                                         8:12am

Tibshelf Community School                       8:20am       Returns at 3.30pm

Stagecoach (96) – Public Transport

Chesterfield                                             7:40am      

Hasland Toll Bar                                       7:45am      

Temple Normanton                                   7:50am      

North Wingfield, Miners Welfare                 7:58am      

Pilsley, Gladstone Arms                             8:05am      

Tibshelf, Brooke Street                              8:10am       Returns at 3.57pm

TM Travel (SPIRA) – Public Transport

Clay Cross                                                7:48am

North Wingfield, Church                             7:51am

Pilsley, Gladstone Arms                              7:56am

Morton, Corner Pin                                     8:01am

Tibshelf, White Hart                                    8:07am       Returns at 3.16pm

Derbyshire County Council provides assistance with transport for full time secondary school pupils to the end of statutory school age who do not live within walking distance of their normal area school (3 miles).

In all cases, the distance between home and school is measured by the shortest available route.  Bus passes or refunds are issued where appropriate and special contract transport is arranged if public transport is not available.

Parents who send their children to a school which is not their normal area school will not normally receive assistance with their transport costs.

Transport will be provided for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities who attend their nearest school, where the journey exceeds the statutory walking distances or in other cases in accordance with Derbyshire County Council’s Special Educational Needs Transport policy.

Shirland Bus club

Shirland Bus Club

Shirland Bus Club is a school run bus club which transports children to Tibshelf Community School from Stonebroom, Shirland, Higham, Morton, Mickley, Stretton and home again.

Payment is £33.00 for one child, £59.00 for two children or £75.00 for three children per calendar month, payable every month by standing order on the 1st of the month, commencing 1st September 2016. 

Your £33.00 pays for your child's seat on the bus so if they are absent from school payment is still required. 

If you are in receipt of Higher Level Working Tax Credit and or Free School Meals you may be entitled to receive financial help from the council. They can be contacted in the following ways:-

www.derbyshire.gov.uk/get2school  or Area Education Office – 01629 533296

Your child will be required to have their photograph taken during the first week of the September term so that we can produce a permanent bus pass for your child (which will be issued during their first week, once payment has cleared) to show to the driver, this cuts down on fraudulent use.

Replacement passes are available from school at a cost of £2.00 per pass.

Places are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis with a waiting list for further children who wish to join.

The pickup route is as follows: -

1              Belper Road, Higham (just before Crown Inn)

                Hallfield Gate Lane    

                Main Road, Shirland

                Goosgreen Lane

2              Birkinstyle Lane, Stonebroom

                High Street

                Stonebroom Lane

3              Main Road, Morton

                Stretton Road

4              Main Road A61  Mickley

Please note if at any time you wish to take your child off the bus club then 6 weeks written notice is required