Lockdown Procedure

As part of the health and safety aspects of running a large organisation, the school has developed a lockdown procedure to implement in the case of a need to do so.  In many ways this is similar to a fire procedure where there are set steps to take within school to ensure that everyone’s safety and welfare is secured.  Also, just like with fire procedures, the school will be regularly practising the procedure to test it.

In the event of a lockdown situation (which is not a drill) we would notify parents/carers, where possible, via the school website and text alert.  If such a situation arose, parents/carers should refrain from contacting the site as this could tie up phone lines that are needed for support providers.  As access to the school would be limited in these circumstances, parents/carers should also refrain from coming to the site as this could interfere and cause problems with the procedures and processes that are taking place.  The school will notify parents that a lockdown has ended via the website and text alert, which will also contain information on the next steps to be taken.