Students cover a broad range of Science concepts to help them to understand the world around them and the role Science plays in society. They will develop their skills of planning and conducting investigations, researching and gathering information, working with others and evaluating their findings.


Key Stage 3 – 4 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4   – Combined Science 9 x 1hr per fortnight

                         - Separate Science 14 x 1hr per fortnight

Key Stage 3 Key Topics

Year 7

Chemical and Physical Change, Solar System, Light, Reproduction, Solutions, Cells and Microbes, Acids and Alkalis, Energy, Plants.

Year 8

Ecosystems, Elements Compounds and Mixtures, Sound, My World, Pollution, Respiration, Forces, Food and Digestion, Circuits and Magnets.

Year 9

Earth and Its Cycles, Space and Motion, Inheritance and Selection, Periodic Table and Metal Reactions, Waves, Biology Key Concepts, Chemistry Key Concepts, Physics Key Concepts, Core Practical Skills.

Key Stage 4 Qualifications

GCSE EDEXCEL Combined Science or Separate Sciences.

We follow the new specification from 2016 for both of the courses ran. These can be downloaded from

The combined Science course will be assessed via 6 externally assessed exams of 1hour 10 minutes each – two for each Science.

The Separate Sciences will be assessed via 2 externally assessed exams each, lasting 1 hour 45 minutes.

Past Results

A*-C 2017 – 74.3%

GCSE Biology     A* - B 71.20%, A* - C 96.2%, A* - C National 91.20%

GCSE Chemistry A* - B 75.50%, A* - C 94.50%, National 90.10%

GCSE Physics     A* - B 69.80%, A* - C 88.70%, National 91.00%

GCSE Additional Science A* - C 69.60%, National 58.20%

GCSE Core Science A* - C 52.10%, National 48.10%


Mrs E Sinclair – Director of Science

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