English (Key Stage 3)

In addition to equipping our students with the skills to be excellent communicators, English strives to encourage students to move from concrete thinking towards a more abstract interpretation of the texts they study. The study of English embeds pieces of literature within their unique contexts and, therefore, exposes students to a range of cultures and eras, mind sets and motivations. We aim to create inquisitive learners who ask questions, challenge intention and who welcome the written form as a means of creative expression.


Key Stage 3 – 4 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4 – 4 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 3 Key Topics

Year 7

Autumn Term 1:

The Cavern of Lost Souls: a descriptive writing unit.

Travel writing/ autobiographical writing: analysing language skills and encouraging inferences.

Autumn Term 2:

‘Al Capone Does My Shirts’ or ‘Holes’ novel study: analysing the writer’s choices and intention rooted in the contexts they are written.

Monologue writing on the theme of conflict

Spring Term 1:

Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’: an exploration of the Elizabethan era, the overall plot and close analysis of an extract of the text to introduce students to the craft of Shakespeare.

Titanic: an introduction to the term 2 unit via some creative writing.

Spring Term 2

Titanic: an introduction to the context surrounding the Titanic disaster.

Summer Term 1:

Short story study: an exploration of the craft behind a short narrative.

Unseen poetry study: a unit to encourage students to begin interpreting poetry independently.

Summer Term 2:

Writing to express a viewpoint: ‘Room 101’ style writing.

AQA Key stage 3 tests: Section A (reading)


Year 8

Autumn Term 1:

Writing to persuade: an exploration of charity campaigns.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Autumn Term 2:

Shakespeare’s Macbeth continued

Adventure/ Fantasy: an introduction to the genre (reading)

Spring Term 1:

Adventure/ Fantasy Writing

Dickensian: an introduction to the Victorian era and the writer’s influences

Spring Term 2:

Dickensian: creative writing rooted in the themes of the extracts studied.

Summer Term 1:

Novel study: Students will study either ‘Private Peaceful’, ‘Of Mice and Men’ or ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

Creative writing based on the novel themes.

Summer Term 2:

Unseen poetry study

Descriptive writing based on picture stimulus

AQA Key Stage 3 assessments Paper 1, Section A (reading)


English (Key Stage 4)

The English faculty delivers both English Language and Literature to our students. These qualifications give our pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of how language is used, alongside analysing and interpreting a range of classic and modern texts.


Key Stage 4 – 4 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4 Key Topics

Year 9

Poetry – Love and Relationships

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

English Language – Writing for a Reason

Shakespeare - Macbeth

Year 10

Lord of the Flies

English Language - Exploring Creative Reading and Writing

Unseen Poetry

Year 11

English Language – Writing for a Reason

English Language - Further Exploration of Creative Reading and Writing

English Language – Writing from a Viewpoint or Perspective

Key Stage 4 Qualifications

GCSE English Language (AQA)

Paper 1 - Exploration of Creative Reading and Writing

Paper 2 - Viewpoints and Perspectives

GCSE English Literature (AQA)

Paper 1 – Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel

Paper 2 – Modern Texts and Poetry

Results 2017

English Language: 69% levels 4-9

English Literature: 64% levels 4-9


Ms M Harwood - Director of English

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