Modern Foreign Languages


MFL invites students to study French and German at KS3 and KS4 within 3 main themes, incorporating a practical knowledge of the language backed up by a sound and comprehensive grasp of grammar.


Key Stage 3 – 2 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4 – 3 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 3 Key Topics

Year 7

The World around Me

Family Life and Relationships

Freetime and Leisure

Year 8

Media and Technology


Local Area and Environment

Year 9

Future Plans


Healthy Lifestyles


Key Stage 4 Qualifications

 GCSE French and German AQA

Theme 1 – Identity and Culture

-            Relationships with Family and Friends

-            Leisure

-            Helping around the Home

-            Future Plans

Theme 2 – Local, National, International and   Global Areas of Interest

-            Home, Town, Neighbourhood and Region

-            Advantages and Disadvantages of Local   Area

-            Things to do

-            House and Home

Theme 3 – Current and Future Study and Employment

-            School Life and Future Career   Opportunities

-            Subject Preferences

-            School Uniform

-                      Cultural Differences


Past Results

A*-C 2017 - 64%


Mrs A Jacquemart- Director of EBacc

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