At Tibshelf, all students study Geography in Years 7, 8 and 9 and they can opt to study the subject in Years 10 and 11 for GCSE. Geography is one of the most exciting, adventurous and valuable subjects to study today and is recognised as an important and essential part of the curriculum, especially in light of the introduction of the English Baccalaureate.

Students have the chance to get to grips with some of the big questions facing the next generation of geographers.  The KS3 curriculum has been designed to reflect the dynamic world in which we live and hopes to spark an interest in a range of current and often controversial issues. Students will develop critical thinking skills, confidence in the use of academic language, analytical competency and the ability to form and communicate their opinions through decision-making exercises. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained, makes students highly desirable by employers and further education establishments who recognise the subject for its academic ‘robustness’.

Fieldwork and working beyond the classroom is a really important part of Geography and is integrated within the curriculum. They are enriching opportunities which enable students to experience first-hand, some of the things they learn about in their lessons. Fieldwork a fundamental aspect of learning.


Key Stage 3 – 2 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4 – 3 x 1hr per week


Key Stage 3 Key Topics


Pupils will have the opportunity to study a variety of topics, with reference to a range of countries around the world as follows:

Year 7

  • Welcome to your Planet

  • Our Island Home

  • Skilful Geographers

  • Meteorological Magic

  • Rapid Rivers

  • What a Wonderful World

  • Bear Grylls Survivor

Year 8

  • What a Load of Rubbish!
  • Restless Earth

  • Amazing Aid

  • The Rise of China

  • Crazy Climate!

Year 9

  • Rattled Rainforests

  • Contrasting Worlds

  • Myth-busting Migration- Peace and Conflict

  • How Reliable are our Resources?

  • A World Journey…Ethical/Controversial Geographies


Key Stage 4 Qualifications

 GCSE Geography OCR Specification B

Geog overview


Iceland Visit

This educational visit is aimed at Year 10 students who have chosen or are likely to choose to study Geography at GCSE. The GCSE course has a focus on the exploration of polar environments, the formation of waterfalls, and how plate tectonics shape our world and result in distinctive and sometimes hazardous landscapes.

Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscapes with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, waterfalls and glaciers, within some of the most stunning national parks. The trip will include visits to some of Iceland’s most beautiful sights, including the ‘Golden Circle Tour’ which visits the Geysir geothermal area, the Gullfoss Waterfall and the historical and geological wonder that is Pingvellir National Park, where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are pulling apart at a rate of a few centimetres per year. They will also visit the Secret Lagoon and the Earthquake Exhibition Centre, having the opportunity to try out an earthquake simulator! Finally, students will hopefully also get the chance to see the mystery of one of Earth's natural phenomenons, the Northern Lights.

Revision and extra-curricular information


    • After-school revision sessions run weekly for KS4 students. Session details will be communicated with Parents/Carers via email or text message.

    • Holiday revision sessions will also be communicated with Parents/Carers via email/text message in advance.

    • Revision materials will be provided to pupils free of charge by the department.

    • It is recommended that GCSE pupils purchase the ‘Grade 9-1 GCSE Geography OCR B: Geography for Enquiring Minds - Revision Guide’ by CGP. This can be purchased on ParentPay shop.



 Mrs B. McCrea- Head of Geography

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