School Improvement Plan 

Student Achievement

Overall Aim; That all students make at least expected progress in all aspects of their learning

1.1 To improve outcomes for the most able students and ensure consistently high standards of support and challenge across all subject areas

1.2 To support the achievement and progress of currently underachieving cohorts (Boys, Pupil Premium, SEND)

1.3 To improve overall achievement levels, as measured by KS4 outcomes, for all students

1.4 To monitor and effectively track student progress at KS3, particularly focussing on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups


Behaviour and Safety

Overall Aim; That all students, are fully prepared and ready to learn and progress

2.1 To continue to improve student attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning, particularly for disadvantaged or vulnerable groups

2.2 To establish and embed clear protocols for student behaviour outside formal lesson times

2.3 To support student learning and progress through the development of the skills required to be "ready to learn".


Teaching and Learning

Overall Aim; That all students benefit from teaching that is at least consistently good in all areas of the curriculum

3.1 To continue to develop, share and embed quality teaching strategies to ensure that all lessons are consistently good or outstanding.

3.2 To develop, share and embed effective marking and feedback strategies that support the learning and progress of all students across the school.

3.3 To develop a range of strategies to develop literacy skills to promote student learning and progress particularly at KS3

3.4 To develop a range of strategies to develop students' capacity to learn and progress independently


Leadership and Management

Overall Aim; Consistently excellent leadership at all levels across the school to ensure the successful achievement of strategic priorities

4.1 To continue to develop the curriculum at KS3 and KS4 to enable the progress and achievement of all students in the face of reduced resources

4.2 To develop the role of Middle Leaders as leaders of learning and progress to ensure excellent standards of teaching, learning and achievement  across all areas of the school.

4.3 Governors, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders to further develop and embed quality assurance processes to better inform whole school self-evaluation

4.4 To continue to ensure that robust financial planning is undertaken to underpin strategic decision making


Business Management

Overall Aim; To provide "excellent" services to our customers (parents/carers, students, staff, suppliers, external agencies etc.) characterised by safe, resilient working practices underpinned by a trained, effective, enthusiastic workforce whose structure supports the primary needs of the school.

5.1 To continue to ensure that the quality and provision of services and products that are provided to students and staff have positive impacts.

5.2 To continue to ensure that the school and working environment are safe, secure and meet legislative requirement.