Exam, Assessment Results and Performance Tables

From 2017 exams onward there has been a change with how school performance is measured and reported.  This makes continuity and comparisons with previous years difficult.

The new headline measures include Attainment 8, Progress 8, English and Maths at 5+ and the EBACC.  Attainment 8 is a points outcome on eight subject with each grade gaining points.  Progress 8 is the progress a student has made in those 8 subjects by the end of KS4 from the end of KS2.  The English and Maths measure is the percentage of students that achieve a grade 5 or higher in both subjects.  EBACC is the percentage of students who gain a grade 5+ in English, Maths, two Sciences (one of which may be Computing), a Modern Foreign Language and either History or Geography.

The new headline measures also take into account that the grading system is changing from letters to numbers.  For the 2017 results only English and Maths have numbers.  All other subjects have letters.  The numerical system goes from 1 to 9 with 9 being the highest.

Key Stage 4 Performance

Results Table final

Pupil destinations - pupils staying in education or going into employment:     93%                

 *Please note these results are based on our students' best results and any perfomance figures published elsewhere may differ due to late changes to results yet to be added and due to discounting rules.

Department for Education - School and College Perfomance tables

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