LA Extremism Protocol

Responding to worries/concerns around issues of extremism and radical views/ Ideology April 2015

The county are currently working on a strategy for schools and developing a toolkit and resources.  We have a multiagency working group including the police who manage the PREVENT agenda for the city and the county. We will be taking any examples from schools to share concerns and help increase our knowledge and help inform better practice. This includes all examples including the far right.

Any worry or concern/concern that a child or young person may be exposed to possible extremism, extremist ideology and or radicalisation needs to be treated as a safeguarding concern.


  • Includes parents/carers presenting worrying views to any Teacher, visitor, Governor
  • Access to radical teachings 
  • Includes online exposure and the viewing of on line materials seen to be concerning, disturbing, inflammatory, and anti- British in tone.
  • Any child or young people/parents/ visitors on school property who you may feel are discussing/providing information to children that may be seen as inciting or inflammatory. 
  • Taking action to remove children from curriculum based activities or visits on the basis of a view seen to be perceived as linked to an extreme view or ideology.

Please contact the Child Protection for Schools for advice, support and a course of action will be agreed.