On 12 March 2015, The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 was published.  Section 26 of the Act places a duty on schools in England and Wales to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.  

This duty applies to all schools and children’s homes. Statutory guidance has been published and comes into effect on 1 July 2015, giving schools time to ensure their policies and procedures are in place.   

It is Ofsted’s responsibility to monitor schools to ensure they are implementing this duty effectively. 

School leaders (including governors) must: 

  • Ensure staff members understand the Act and build capabilities to deal with it.
  • Use or establish mechanisms to understand extremism risks.
  • Communicate and promote the Act and the importance of the duty.
  • Ensure staff members implement the duty effectively. 

Other duties schools must fulfil include: 

  • Working effectively with other local agencies, e.g. police
  • Sharing information
  • Preserving appropriate records 
  • Assessing the risk of extremism in the local area
  • Demonstrating the protection of children
  • Developing clear protocols for visiting speakers, for example, staff members should ask to view the event content before the speech takes place, including presentations and footage
  • Producing and implementing safeguarding policies which take account of Local Safeguarding Children Board’s policies and procedures
  • Training staff effectively so they have knowledge and confidence
  • Ensuring the implementation of ICT protocols which filter out extremist materials
  • Ensuring school buildings are not used to give a platform to extremists
  • All staff have attended PREVENT training.  Senior Leaders and Pastoral staff have been through the Channel online training.